Monday, October 27, 2008

I Might Owe You an Apology.

I don't like to brag but, as perhaps I have mentioned, I am prodigiously skilled in many areas. Not the least these areas is time travel. Now, leaping from decade to decade, era to era, can be a great, highly educational expericence. (Hint: you might want to put some money down on 2014 Cincinnati Reds.)

But it's not without its drawbacks. For example, there was the time I transported myself back to the Jurassic Age and, while there, I trampled a prehistoric centipede with my space boot. I returned to the present day to learn that my simple misstep was responsible for ABC's decision to leave Brothers & Sisters on the air. Sorry about that.

And now I have another confession, and let me just say, I'm sorry. Really, really sorry. What happened was, my curiosity about the upcoming election got the better of me, and I headed off to the the very near future to find out what will happen on November fourth. What I saw, I didn't like. Take a look below.

And, again: Sorry!


Mark said...

Man, Moveon actually looked good.

On more pressing issues, were you responsible for "Brothers and Sisters" show of the 1970s? Because I still might be caught in a time paradox, but I remember that getting the axe fairly quick.

LDP said...

I know, I usually find MoveOn pretty repellant, but this thing's a big exception.

As for the TV thing, it's worse than you think. I'm responsible for the current Brothers & Sisters, which features both Calista Flockhart and Sally Field. My apologies, world!

WestEnder said...

Good ad, but it doesn't change the fact that MoveOn's greatest achievement is a hint of a shadow of barely perceptible influence.