Sunday, January 27, 2008

Cincinnati Saturday Night.

Yeah, I spent my Saturday evening at a mall. What of it?

Christ, I didn't know there were so many teenagers in this town -- gaggles of girls wearing what amounts to matching outfits, being trailed by gawky, pimply boys. I vaguely remember being one of those boys, back in the dark ages of my early teens. We didn't do the mall scene, but the rest is basically the same. Isn't it always? One day last year I picked up my then 5-year-old son and his friend from pre-school. I asked them what they'd done that day, and when they began to talk about recess, they became quite animated. The girls made us chase them! Get used to it, fellas.

Back in the present day, yes, I was there navigating through the swarms of adolescents. I went because I'm in desperate need of new clothes. I know this, but the thing is, I don't know what I want. Plus, I hate to shop, particularly at malls. Can you imagine what a delight it is to go to one with me? My wife, Red, wouldn't come along, begging off with some flimsy excuse about our kindergardener not being old enough to stay home by himself.

It irritates Red to no end that almost every time I go shopping, I don't buy anything. (She has no such problem.) I just can't muster up any enthusiasm for it. Plus, the only clothes I seem to like these days are the really expensive ones. The problem is, tomorrow morning I leave town for a couple of days' worth of company "leadership meetings" in Miami. I'm going because I'm the new guy in my department and this is an opportunity for me to meet people and so on, but here's the thing: what does one wear at meetings in Miami? I scoured the mall for pastel t-shirts and white suits, but I guess they're sold out.

My dilemma was complicated by the fact that one afternoon, we have our choice of recreational activities, and I chose to go out on a catamaran. I don't know what one wears on a catamaran, but whatever it is, I'm confident I don't have one. I could feel myself panicking as my search became more frantic, but then it dawned on me, the perfect outfit. Tell me what you think of this:

Good, huh?

I have another attire issue looming -- what to wear when Red and I go to France. "I don't want to walk around Paris with some doofus," she told me. Apparently she doesn't like my Columbo-style raincoat, which I've had since we got married. I thought she loved me in that thing; I was rumpled hot with it on.

I guess I'll deal with my foreign travel wardrobe when I get back from these meetings. I think I'm going to do all right in that department, because a few weeks ago, at my high school reunion, a woman told me I looked like a French gynecologist. Needless to say, I took that as a compliment and I've been running with it ever since. Bonjour les jolies femmes!


KatieG said...

khakis and a golf shirt. no pastels. the Nike Golf collection has many offerings you can get away with. Otherwise, the oh-so-generic Polo shirts will always do.

Every time guys from our Florida office come up here for work, thats all they wear. its like a rainbow of uniformed shirts, and either olive, khaki, grey, or black pleated slacks.

it makes them look ready to retire.

Mark said...

"it makes them look ready to retire."

The poor fellers are just trying to fit in. The average age of people in my parents' neighborhood in Florida is about 138.

Misplaced said...

All you need is a Speedo and cowboy boots- you may want a fanny pack for your wallet and yo-yo.

Karyn said...

Katie hit it head on. Polo, khakis, sporty brand stuff. Look through the J-Crew catalog.

The sailor suit made me think of Poppin' Fresh.

As to what to wear in France... yeah, I can't help you there, I'm struggling with what to wear on my own journey. I want to stand out while keeping a low profile, to impress while staying true to my own fashionable sensibilities.

Say. Does that sailor suit come in ladies' sizes?

Lou Lou said...

france is much the same as anywhere- it's cold and damp! You'll probably need your columbo raincoat!